Anna's story: focal seizures

Anna has epilepsy. Watch her story to find out about what happens during her seizures. Watch more at …


  1. My dad gets these, I can’t understand what he feels but outwardly he has this smile that doesn’t quite meets his eyes and he tugs his clothes and rummages through his pockets like he’s looking for something and he only registers what I’m saying on a partial level getting him to focus on something is hard when he’s having one

  2. Honestly, I had my first seizure a few months ago, and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I found this very useful to help explain my seizures to my family, as this is quite similar to my own experiences.

  3. I've went through a focal seizure for about a week or every 10 minutes before, nobody had known what was wrong, i was missing tons of school, had a bunch of tests done on me from the doctor and, it took tons of medicine to get better. I was in the hospital for about 3 weeks and I didn't know who anybody was, not even my own father, and after the first 2 &1/2 weeks I could finally get up by myself, and could sit up without getting a headache and having to take tylenol. When I heard I could go home the following friday i was super excited, i could finally see my dog, my friends, and everybody i love. Now ive been home for about a month, I went to the doctors a few days ago and they said everything looks amazing and theyre surprised to see how well im doing. I now take 2 pills, 4 of each, and i havent had any other seizures, for anyone who has them, dont worry it gets better <3.

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