Anxiety and Depression… CBD oil for Pets & YOU (Natures Ultra)

This video I talk about some health problems I have and a company Natures Ultra that has helped me so much. I hope I can help so many of you!!! #CBD #Health …


  1. After many failed attempts with other brands I finally found this brand. The products at Weedborn are the best and I don't think I will ever have to look for another CBD supplier again.

  2. I am ‘Ultra’ excited that Young Living Essential Oils has partnered with Nature’s Ultra! Nice to know that my CBD oil isn’t laden with a bunch of fake flavors that don’t do anything to boost the effect of the CBD Oil, like other companies. Here soon I’ll be able to get my CBD oil & Essential Oil from the same company! With Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise and Natures Ultra partnering with them, I know my oils are of the highest quality from when the seed in planted in the ground until I receive the bottle at my house!

  3. I had no idea you suffered from anxiety bro. I suffer from it too so i know first-hand that it really sucks. Definitely gonna keep you in prayer bro. Your puppy is the freaking cutest little guy ever haha

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