B-Real Of Cypress Hill | Hosted By Dope As Yola

From the block to Woodstock, B-Real breaks down what it was like being in a Blood gang in the 80’s, to becoming one of the most iconic names in hip hop …


  1. It's why Tom Mcdonald is his own manager and is one of the biggest independent artist. He doesn't want someone telling him to do things. He puts out more music then anybody.

  2. The first thing I see when I wake up is a Cypress Hill Rise Up flag hanging over my bed. I loved their music since I was a preteen, as I got older their message became more clearer and understandable to me. B-Real is legit one of the top people Id love to meet. Hopefully he and the rest of the Hill come to my area of Atlantic Canada sometime. We are a small small city area (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island) so idk the logistics of it but Id love to see them in person and I would absolutely love to meet him. its because of people like him with their influence that Cannabis got legalized here in Canada

  3. How legendary is this 💪 damn yola should of convinced him to open a dispo In Phoenix 😭😂 great podcast as always cant wait to see who the next guest is

  4. So crazy to see you linking with these huge celebs and you’re pretty much just get started bro. Gonna be crazy to see the shit you accomplish and I’m glad I found you early on

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