1. Curious if you experienced the same head fog with the bluebird botanicals thc free one that they have? I get brain fog so I don't want to increase that lol

  2. Messege to bluebird: You know you're in deep water with some VERY powerful people! I hope you have adiquite security on your grow fields. Also be aware of any low flying aircraft , especially at night! (Like a crop duster) The same people that engineered the deaths of some great people in this country want you gone, and they'll stop at nothing to make it happen. Also: DONT SELL OUT!

  3. Just curious on how one coaxes their pet to take the CBD oil. Do you put drops on their pet food or in their water dish? Do you squeeze the drops directly into their mouth? Do they noticeably squirm & show they don't like the taste? I would think that cats in particular would be real finicky with regard to flavor.

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