Can Christians Smoke Weed

Today we are answering the tough questions as to whether we, as Christians, should be smoking weed. If you are someone who struggles with the temptations …


  1. She’s right about the can’t sleep part. When I can’t sleep I talk to God I remember a friend of mine mentioned when you can’t sleep or you randomly wake up in the morning and can’t go back to sleep, God wants to talk to you. And my friend was right and this video was more than enough proof for me.

  2. Yes we shouldn’t abuse the things God gave us for good abusing it can then lead to bad doors opening I think in my opinion. Same thing with wine 🍷 and other drinks that actually have healing properties but people abuse it and they put it above God.

  3. Wash your feet, forehead, and temples atleast three times a day. Take hyssop. Say, 14 days, drink lots of water. You're having trouble endocrine and lymph., there's more, although many people find this much too much, Mother Rabeeca, Sarah, Esther gifts., all KJV Bible health and beauty instructions. ( Don't think sales, only given by God can hear these )

  4. Some people says that Marijuana is an Herbal Plant. However me personally I don't want to take that type of Plant. It's a personal choice between that person and God.

  5. I apologize for responding without finishing your video; that was quit foolish of me🤦‍♂️. Paul does preach to us to not drink alcohol. Ephesians 5:18 and i think theres another scripture 🤔. Nice chatting to you my good friend 😉✌

  6. Here me out🤔. I place before you life and death, now choose life. Women, it is a complete no to smoke weed. I tell you the truth, God may have made the plant but, the enemy contorts its essence. For example, God turned water to wine but the bible still says in the new testament you should not drink. Not all things are good for you 1 corinth 10:23. Im not trying to hate on call you out or anything like that but, do not in anyway grant people permission to smoke weed. If any man is afflicted let him pray – james 5:13. God is our doctor. We should seek healing from God rather than weed. Much love👍❤

  7. Good Videoooo 😀 thats exactly how i think abt this topic, especially corinthians 6, 12. in your Case God told you to not to do it anymore bc it seperated u n him. but if others do it not often, i Think its okay

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