Cannabis Clinical Trial Shows Positive Results for Treating Epilepsy | Orrin Devinsky, MD

We are excited to have Dr. Orrin Devinsky, director of the NYU Epilepsy Center, presenting at #CannMed2017 where he will share exciting findings from the GW …

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  1. Orrin Devinsky fraudulently billed for 3 1/2 years after having been paid in full to an insurance he did not take at the time United Healthcare (double billing and even triple billing) for services never rendered, and billing as the doctor seen, when he was not. Go to Yelp to see a full description of his unlawful and unethical conduct, including copies of paid bills that were improperly submitted and the corresponding EOBs, including opened investigations by the insurance company United Healthcare, who pulled back money for extensive fraud, as well as documents prepared by my attorney for the state investigators regarding the extensive fraudulent practices by Orrin Devinsky, Daniel Friedman, and Siddhartha Nadkarni. The information also describes his failure to elevate serious unlawful conduct by Siddhartha Nadkarni, as the Dir of the center, both to the hospital and law enforcement, as required by state and federal law. Worse, he charged me and my insurance for a few minute conversation to make him aware of Siddhartha Nadkarni's improper care in providing undated prescriptions for controlled substance due to his erratic behavior, and inability to reach him, or rely on him to provide routine prescriptions, much less returned calls, or appointments. I also incurred significant malicious retaliation in the form of spoliation of my medical record for having appropriately elevated these serious matters to the proper authorities. Orrin Devinsky could not care less about patients or patient care. In my experience, he is an individual who is amoral, and whose motives are purely mercenary.

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