CBD for Pain

In the Mailsack Episode, we hear from a customer in Colorado who was curious about CBD for pain. He asks about drug testing, topical and sublingual use of …

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  1. I had a significant amount of deadly melanomas on my body that have been removed over the last 30 years. I am scarred from head to toe, as surgery is required for melanoma. My arms were covered with atypical nevi. I began taking CBD oil daily for back pain. I did not notice much relief for spinal stenosis and arthritis, but in a years time, after putting CBD oil under my tongue, I noticed, I no longer have any atypical nevi on my arms. I was sure sooner or later, cancer would get me. Maybe you have some suggestions about the use of CBD Oil for chronic pain. I will keep an eye out for your videos and maybe we can get in touch. Peace.

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