CBD Hemp (Cannabis) Oil Benefits and Uses

Learn what CBD Cannabidiol really is and what others are saying about it! And get the best hemp based products! First Ever Legal …


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  2. Ain't no damn good. Lol, all it is is placebo. Take it from someone who is 61 and has used cannabis ever since the tender young age of 14. Unless you're just fooling yourself you ain't gonna get those effects if there is no THC content. They are ripping folks off. Hell, spinach don't get ya high, but it IS good for nutritional health. It's legal. It's dirt cheap and easily obtainable. You can grow it in your backyard. So, why go to all that trouble throwing away money? Just eat spinach.

  3. I'm taking all kinds of pharmaceuticals for swelling of my lymph nodes and swelling of my head, I have CBD but since I'm taking other meds I'm not sure if I should take the CBD along with everything else or stop the other meds and just stick with the CBD. Does anyone know if it has a reaction with other meds? Thanks in Advance

  4. Does cannabis oil help with muscle stiffness? My son has cerebral palsy and is very rigid. Medications only make him sleepy and do nothing for his stiffness.

  5. Does cannabis oil help with cerebral palsy? My son has cp and has very stiff muscles. He has tried several medications but they only make him drowsy and sleepy and he still stays very stiff/rigid.

  6. Remember CBD is a medicinal compound and very sensitive to heat.

    You can not harness its true medicinal aspect as it is burnt and turned into toxic compound which does harm your brain.

    CBD does not get you high but the toxic compound made after burning it does…

  7. I've now been using cbd oil (CBD Drip Onyx) for a month now and I feel like a new person!!! I have an autoimmune disease and suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, nausea, poor appetite, inflammation, neuropathy, and others. I haven't had to take opioids since i've started this oil. It is life changing for me!!! I will use this forever and I recommend it to everyone!!! My sister also uses it and she has MS. It helps her too. LIFE CHANGING!!!!

  8. How exactly had those lab animals had their brains injured…. ? Seriously did some lab assistant get a hammer with a list of animals( bunnies, rats and guinea pigs) smack these heads today tomorrow we will feed them some pot !

  9. I quit smoking and started vaping, said it was all good and to take back my freedom last yr. now it says this year its the devil lol. I have been making my own e juice of 80 flavors and nothing has made me sick in 2 yrs. I have not had a cold in 2 yrs vaping like I did smoking.
    so now they want me to do weed, I dont think all try to get hooked to only go to jail 1 yr later:(

    I have lots of pain where I cant walk at all and now its going up my legs and severe edema. I have 2 cysts in my brain. tick syndrome, ptsd, cfids and the list goes on. I need to solve all these problems and hope that a strong 500mg of cbd can help. I am tried of living my life sick.

  10. we grew up in a culture where they told us that canabis was a very bad drug; however, the more i study about this plant, the more I ma conveinced that it is a very powerful and healing plant

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