CBD: Silver Bullet or Snake Oil?

CBD oil and creams seem to be all the rage these days…so what’s it all about? Let’s pump the brakes a bit and take an objective look at the evidence behind …


  1. I've seen literally dozens of major snake oil supplements come and go. One thing that never changes is the gullibility of the lazy hopeful masses. *Yet you never see them ACTUALLY change their diet in a major way, since THAT takes 1) change and 2) effort. Those are the two most hated words in the English language.

  2. i have some serious chronic pain problems stemming from a youth of adrenaline. i have a scrip of 7.5 oxycodone but try to not get addicted. i am open to new methods. i have tried cbd in an expensive series of trials. it is total … BS. someone is always saying oh. you need this brand cuz it's so much higher quality. well. i am here to tell you it is all snake oil. i can not do thc because of dot, job stuff, but i retire in 4 years and i will live where i can see if pot can help. good luck and it's ok to admit that cbd is a ripoff.

  3. 48yo here. Only one way to find out brother. Vaping CBD adds to my work out. I also micro THC making CBD even better. More experience less dogma Josh. Walk the walk.

  4. This guy doesn't know shit thats all he fucking said at the end, wtf ? Why would you even make a video about cbd if you didn't even take it ? Stfu chug some cbd oil and tell me how made you feel but for now stfu and btw fuck you

  5. CBD has done nothing for me. They sell it as though it's a cure all for pain. They say to start with 250mg, and one a day, to see how you'll react. After the entire bottle, it had no effect, so the sales person at various places say the same thing, you need to increase the dose. I just went ahead and bought the 1000 mg, after the whole bottle it did nothing. So to experiment, I drank the entire bottle and felt no effect. I does nothing, but has a placebo effect, so some people will feel that it works.

  6. If we're HUMAN and not animals, then a mouse is not an animal, it's a mouse.

    Seriously though, we're animals too. I don't know why they say animal tested… I think it's a mental fuck so we think we're humane by not testing on our 'own' kind.

  7. I’ve been using Blue Bird Botanicals full spectrum CBD oil for chronic head pain associated with migraines along with a lose dosed anti-seizure medication. I’ve also used it alongside a calcium channel blocker (not great for the heart if you train hard) too, and I’ve noticed it makes chronic, unbearable, pain more manageable.

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