CBD Tips Before You Purchase | CBD Headquarters

CBD Tips for starters and best practices from the pros. If your thinking of trying CBD or already a user and want get the most natural benefits, watch short video …


  1. I am very happy with your products I recently received my first 2 orders and it’s my first time buying and I was very happy with what I got I got full spectrum sour gummies and they taste amazing I also have the cbg gummies and they also taste amazing very happy😊

  2. I am new to your channel and must tell you that the only reason I stayed to listen was because you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge about CBD. After listening for a few minutes I realized that you might not realize that there was a few times that you almost lost your sound when you moved. I had to turn my volume up high to hear you. Could be the reason for the low number of likes possibly, which is a shame considering the fact that you really seem to know what your talking about.
    I come to YouTube to seek out people like yourself that seem on the level with a no b/s approach to telling it like it is. I am an old biker on a fixed income that has lived a rough life and am paying for it in my older years with the pain. Do you have any senior citizen discounts ? Any help for us that really need it but can’t afford it ? Sure, I can get all the pain meds I want from my doctor but I do NOT want all the side affects that go along with them.

  3. What an amazing video by CBD headquarters I buy from them all the time and I have such a great return of my customers I've gotten all my education and knowledge from them and Michael has been a true inspiration and has great knowledge of all CBD products My best turnout and my favorite is the energy one which is giving me such a natural great burst of energy that last I would only buy from CBD headquarters

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