City Council Makes Progress On Medical Marijuana Framework | News

Billings City Council members put the finishing touches on some medical marijuana regulations Monday night.

A big focus was on zoning, and now its official.  Dispensaries have to be 1000 feet away from religious institutions, primary and secondary educational facilities and public parks.  

The Zoning Commission wanted to change that to 600 feet.  

It also wanted to limit the distance from residential districts down to 350 feet. 

City Council rejected those ideas once already, and the 1000 foot rule is now in place.

8 medical dispensaries are allowed in city limits, but Mayor Cole says the set-up process for those shops is what the council will focus on next.

“One of the things that still remains to be done is to figure out the cost structure, so what will the application fees be, the licensing fees, and the renewal fees,” Cole said.

     Mayor Cole also said he hopes the council will have the cost structure for licenses set up before the end of the year.

Things like marijuana transportation, cultivation, and testing will still be allowed in city limits.

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