Comp Winners, Tattoo Money, CBD News, Yinmn Blue? | That Tattoo Show #51

Maritime museum British Tattoo Art Revealed opened at the Museum to huge acclaim in 2017 and after touring nationally we are delighted to bring back some of …


  1. I don’t know about anyone else but I look forward to seeing you guys every week -over here in NYC I watch it every Sunday morning – I think it’s great to see you guys express your opinions and reviews .. if we can see more of you two talk shit it be great lol keep up and add more content

  2. i think it would be cool, to see live pod cast setup in studio while yall work. Maybe focused on a tattoo you are doing . I have missed the videos for sure though. I do like the honest reviews on products and pauls no fucks giving on what he thinks about stuff. Cheers guys I hope it gets better for both of ya.

  3. Condolences to Paul and friends for your loss.
    And very glad to hear Chris that your dad is doing well.

    Great show as always, although I do love the weekly episodes you perfectly put things into perspective that a lot of us at times dont realise that we have and need lives away from tattooing.
    Love the reviews/tips that you post too.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. That’s crazy I won the Cheyenne machine
    Thank you guys

    Chris glad to hear your dads doing well

    Sorry for your loss guys

    I enjoy all the content you guys put up Im here in the united state and it feels like we are just sitting around chatting
    The tips are great
    The reviews are great and informative
    The podcast is great the Paul rants are priceless.

    October definitely been all over the place

  5. Thoughts are with you and everyone..
    Great to see you guys again and congratulations to every winner.
    I have never watched a star wars just never appealed to me..
    I think a video about positioning clients would be great 👍.
    Thank you both again for great content 👏
    Ultimately guys please don't burn yourself out do Weekley or monthly I'm happy to see either

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