DAVE CHAPPELLE CAN'T BE CANCELLED | Dave Chappelle – Stunted (2021) | "Am I Cancelled?"

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  1. I've been a fan of Daves since the 90's and he is one of the funniest comedians I've ever heard, but you can't just listen to Dave's comedy and get upset by something he said — you got to understand what he means.

  2. Y'all see NPR says Dave is using white privilege against trans people?
    I think πŸ€” there's some truth there, in that he has acquired, through hard work and protecting his comedic genius with his phenomenal personal integrity, the ability to leverage his own privilege to a degree usually prohibited to a black man.
    It is undeniable that, based on a long history of living his life, that Dave Chappelle would never intentionally harm anyone!
    I'm glad to have seen a tiny sliver of his work!
    He's a true National Treasure!

  3. That's why they're hating on him because he's not a puppet. He is stating rational logical questions and reasons that they cannot answer but with counsel culture reaction….

  4. "It's just jokes bro. It's not serious." Jokes ARE serious. Stop acting like they're not just because it sounds good when you're fighting against wokeism. George Carlin and Bill Hicks work would be meaningless if jokes meant nothing..

  5. Dave wasn't canceled. He won't be canceled. There is no law stopping Dave from saying what he wants. That is his first amendment right. Likewise,Β  transpeople also have a right and moral obligation to voice their disapproval with Dave's
    transaphobic comments. Thats their first amendment right. On the other hand,Β Β  a company can fire you if your beliefs aren't inline with theirs. For instance if you say a bunch of sexist racist or anti lgbt s*** at work , they are well within their rights to fire you

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