Ep. 1649 Did The Rittenhouse Prosecutor Really Say That? – The Dan Bongino Show®

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  1. The prosecutor listened to the media instead of watching the videos he's an idiot and should have his law license taken. But to be honest, I think they realized they got themselves involved in an unjust case and threw the prosecution.

  2. Why didnt the defense get the prosecution to email the file in front of the judge in real time? If they sent smaller file prosecution is screwed. If prosecution sent bigger file , their screwed lol. Either was the defense busted them!

  3. OMG!!!!!WE ARE SO TIRED OF BEING USED! THE KID IS INNOCENT! Black people (whose voices are not heard) are legitimately pissed that we are used and triggered every time they reach with these stupid "Black people are ready to riot" narratives!!!! Black people don't need days off for this travesty!!!! If I see another Slavery Movie, Special or Documentary about how weak we have been throughout American history I will vomit! The MSM thinks that they own OUR voices and in the meantime we are all looked at as whining victims blaming everyone for slavery because we are so disadvantaged. Do you guys understand that this not our collective voice! Do you see that this is some 10 dimensional programing? Do you believe that we chose Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and the rest as our supposed Black leaders and Black MSM talking heads???? MY GOD! the Brainwashing is real! No wonder 75% of us fight silently. We don't want them using black people in ANY of their narratives! Especially that special Jabiwoki and their deathly oosters they say we must take because we are high risk!!!! We can see Jim Crow 2.0, but this time it's for every race!!!! PLEASE STOP believing that we think the Dems or MSM speak for us black people because WE KNOW that they never have!!!! We don't support pedophiles and rapists killing or attempting to kill teenagers either!!!! PS if they are putting out new bricks again for a planned riot we need to grab as many as possible to make some of those cute back yard BBQ pits!!!! Free Bricks Right!!!! GTHOH!!!!! #FJB

  4. How can we trust the detectives, and the police officers, and the DA who not only lied about the case, but actively hid the facts and evidence, they had video footage evidence of the truth and the facts, and they not only ignored it but tried to suppress it, and they didn’t follow leads, and they didn’t track down the criminals, they didn’t peruse the truth – they didn’t follow basic procedures to find the truth, but they lied, they left out key evidence, they protected convicted criminals who were setting things on fire, but they pinned lies and crimes on a child who did nothing wrong, and worse than that they purposely ignored the truth and evidence to prosecute an innocent person who was attacked, a victim who should have been protected – instead they go after him and violated basic but key steps in gathering evidence because the evidence was not acceptable to their narrative…!?

    How does this happen and how do the detectives allow this to happen!? Lost respect and integrity – your only job is to find out the truth and gather evidence and present the facts – they not only didn’t do that, but they totally violated their duties and their oaths as officers of the law – to defend and protect the innocent, and to find justice, truth, evidence and present that evidence free from any personal or political biases.

    They broke their oath and the laws – they lied, they protected the criminals, they helped hide evidence and corruption, and they withheld the facts and the truth, they are not supposed to be trying to convict anyone who fits into an agenda or a political narrative – they are supposed to be neutral and find the truth and present the evidence and facts without any influence on what they want the outcome to be – you don’t find a person then find the crime to pin on them – this whole situation has done a lot of damage to the reputation of all detectives and DA’s who have a very difficult job, and I respect that job, but not when they lie, coverup, hide critical evidence and facts, and perjury themselves, and act with corruption in a political manner instead of following the laws and rules, and pursuit of justice and truth, and protecting innocent people who depend upon their integrity and oaths to uphold the law and investigate cases to the best of their abilities, and hold themselves accountable along the way to protect and serve, uphold the law, in the pursuit of justice and truth for all people who are presumed innocent until proven guilty…

    Not by cutting corners or hiding evidence, or by any other type of criminal behaviour that is not just unethical, but it’s illegal – it’s a crime to obstruct justice, to lie, to hide evidence or mess with the evidence in any way – they are criminals who are protected by a badge and number, or a rank – they can spin this any way they want, but if it were any other case or any other person – we would be in big trouble for breaking the law – yet not a damn thing is going to happen to anyone who helped the government agencies involved and the people involved in this deception, lie, coverup – they go on to do this to other people in the future – and somehow we aren’t allowed to talk about it, point it out, or even try to change it?! How can anyone have faith in the justice system at this point!?

  5. Do you not see what is happening?started with Zimmerman in Florida. He was patrolling the area because of robberies and saw travon loitering around so he followed him. They eventually fought and travon was bigger and was smashing Zimmerman's head into the concrete so Zimmerman shot him in self defense.looks like same scenio with arby.they aggravate situation until you fight back then you are the bad guy when you defend yourself.same with Rittenhouse. See what is happening?

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  7. Actually the prosecution knew the length of the barrel and went and charged him anyways.. it was only when the defense and the judge brought it up that they said they have no argument against it (before they were going to measure it), meaning they already knew but were only going to dismiss once the false charge was properly argued.. CORRUPT

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