first time using cbd oil :: pachamama cbd review

testing pachamama CBS oil for a week. is CBD oil good? does it work? does it do anything? here are the results of trying pachamama’s variety CBD pack.


  1. Dope that's the brand I use. It might have a different effect on people depending on your body, which product you are using and if you are taking and medications or supplements.

  2. This is so interesting to hear, my dad tried the CBD pain cream a couple of times which seemed to have worked☺️ I’ll give it a go myself! Ooh week challenge hhmm.. all I can think of is waking up at 5am for a week or like do 10,000 steps/meditate everyday for a week😁🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Iheard abt it but never was sure abt wht was it so never felt intrested in it but after seeing this video ifeel its worth trying once to get to knw abt it and how it effect✌🏻😃

  4. Happy late Christmas layne ❤️❤️
    First of all amazing video 🙂
    And secondly this was such an amazing and informative video about the CBD
    Amazing as always love you tons ❤️❤️❤️

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