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  1. Thank you so much for this video and sharing your journey. I've been following you for about a year and this came at a great time. My husband and I want to start trying and felt so overwhelmed with all the info out there. I feel like you're my girlfriend chatting and I know where to start and break it down. So excited for your baby boy and you will be a wonderful mom! Can't wait to continue to see your blessings unfold. ❤🙏

  2. When you said you were looking forward to laying baby on your chest! It reminded me of after my last was born! She is five now and my fifth child. When I delivered her they immediately put her on my chest and I got to do skin to skin with her for over an hour! They didn’t weigh her or anything until after she peed and pooped on me! Lol! It was the most special time! With my other children they did all kinds of things before I got to hold them etc. That first moment is pure magic though,

  3. I’m not expecting or anything but it’s just good to hear this. To everyone; don’t be so hard on yourself and others on how they do things during pregnancy or before or how much you weigh and ect. Everyone is different and you’re carrying a baby so just think of the health of the baby. Don’t judge each other. Let’s just be kind and help each other. That’s my memo for the day. Thanks Moriah!

  4. With all the unsolicited advice I say you will know exactly what works for you!! If it helps you out with your daily life & it works for you do it. Do what makes you feel comfortable when raising your own child.

  5. I was watching your video & caught myself drifting off to sleep from being tired… my kids are 13 & 10!!! It’s not as hard as newborn exhaustion but girl I think moms STAY tired for life!! 🤣❤️ hang in there! Can’t wait for baby Robinson!!!

  6. OMG YESSS about the whole "are you sure you're not having twins" I had so many people ask me this when I was pregnant and I tried not to care but it honestly was so upsetting for me since I was already mentally struggling with getting so big. Thanks for speaking up against this ❤

  7. First of all, CONGRATS!! Secondly (and your doctor might have mentioned this) I noticed you said your pre-natals didn't have calcium so you've been taking a calcium supplement. That's great! I just want to mention something I learned just a few months ago: calcium significantly lowers iron absorption. I take special vitamins because I'm anemic, and like you, I've cut most dairy out of my diet so I started taking calcium, too! Well I mentioned it to my boyfriend who is in med school, and he told me that while it's great to take both, I need to make sure to space them out a few hours apart so the iron while actually absorb! I'm betting your pre-natals have iron in them, and that's why they don't have calcium. I really, really hope this didn't come across like unsolicited advice!! It's just something I was surprised to find out myself, but of course, always listen to your doctor!! Congrats, again! You're gonna be a great mama!!!

  8. You’re so right…every body is different so let’s stop comparing. I’m short and thin so any bit of belly, you could always tell. I couldn’t fit in my regular jeans at 9 weeks pregnant from each of my pregnancies just from the bloat. Also, I love Ritual prenatal vitamins too! So much more tolerable than others. Love the lemon scent. I had my baby back in July so I’m on the postpartum vitamins, which have a mint scent. I prefer the lemon though. Wish they’d change it to lemon as well.

  9. We went to Asheville for our “mini moon” bc our honeymoon got postponed due to Covid.

    So so much fun! White Duck Taco and French Broad Chocolate is a must!

  10. I'm so sick of everyone asking how much weight I have gained. I think it is just as rude as commenting on how big you are or how small you are. I finally decided to stop looking at the scale even at the doctor. I figure my doc will tell me if it's a problem. So now when people ask I tell them I have no clue. I'm having more of people commenting that I don't look pregnant which I just take to mean I look like I've had too many tacos! They say things like "are you sure there's a baby in there" and I say…yep seeing how I pee 7 times a night!

  11. Regarding the girl with the comment about the twins and your response: don’t ever feel like you have to justify the size of your bump!! Doesn’t matter if you just ate, or the shirt makes it look different. A baby bump is perfect no matter what size! You’re MAKING👏🏼 A 👏🏼HUMAN👏🏼. That’s INSANE AND INCREDIBLE!!!!!. I miss having a bump so much now that I have a 2 year old, and wish I wasn’t so hard on myself during pregnancy. Don’t feel like you have to justify anything to a commenter like that! Every bump is perfect at all stages no matter what size!

  12. Love the way your hubby talks 🧡 I’m from old school where the man did all the outside and I do all the inside. But he did step up and is a great Dad. Our son is 20 and in college now. God bless you and all there is involved in pregnancy. We waited 15 years to get pregnant, best thing we ever did. My cravings where cheese, big time and I didn’t do dairy even then, but was able to eat cheese. 🧡 Don’t worry about the weight your growing a baby. I gained 30 lbs and it was all good. Lost it about one year in when I quit breast feeding.
    I had to quit working out about 6th months in, I had no energy to do it, but I also work a very physical job too, you should know, listen to your body.
    I tracked my temp like you are doing and got pregnant fairly quickly. We got started and then had to come to a complete halt, I found out that I didn’t have any antibodies to the German flu, so the doctor said I had to get the shot and then wait 3 months😕 we where so lucky and blessed to get pregnant pretty soon after and did get pregnant pretty quick.
    I think I heard a glue, bye accident, what sex, but I don’t think you would have posted with that. But I will wait and see. 🧡congrats😍

  13. Moriah!!! So excited for you guys!! I am trailing behind you in our pregnancy! We are due in June – first prenatal is nov 1st!! Love all this advise and I can really relate to your pregnancy symptoms! It’s been similar for me too!! Thanks for sharing ! You are awesome and congrats again!!

  14. Love the video! Pregnancy is crazy and amazing and the best! The best advice I could give you, if you need help ask. If you don’t want people’s opinions, I’m sorry, they will be given. But always remember YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE are the only decision makers. No one else’s business.

  15. It’s so RUDE to speak about body size to any HUMAN unless you’re asked! Sheeesh, manners people!
    I did notice in your Wal-Mart haul that you’re glowing, girl…. And look absolutely beautiful!
    Excited for Saturday !

  16. 100% agree people need to stop commenting on anyone size no matter how far along they are. Just went to a family gathering last weekend and literally everyone there said how I had gotten bigger since last weekend. Like I don't already know that. Meanwhile, I am 7months I'm gunna be bigger everyday basically at this point. So frustrating and rude. And you look amazing by the way. So happy for you guys!!

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