Florida steps closer to capping THC in medical marijuana

It’s an attack on medicine… That’s what users and doctors said Tuesday as a House panel advanced THC caps on medical marijuana along party lines.


  1. What kind of an ignorant ridiculousness is this unscientific fear-based statement of all therapeutic THC levels are 3 to 4% for all patients.
    This is an absolutely incorrect totally ignorant statement that science and doctors absolutely do not agree with.
    His statement suggests that if I take 1 mg of THC in a mix that is overall three to four percent that I automatically get my appropriate dose whereas somebody else can ingest 20 times as much THC but as long as it's in a creeper 4% mix then it automatically gives them the right dose according to this ignorant fool who is quoting strictly based on percentages of THC rather than quantity of THC.

  2. People making changes to the law over what they are afraid might be rather than what they can clarify that it will help
    to follow through with this ridiculous 10% cap concept.
    We need to pass a public bill that says the public will consider it but that first there must be a clear statement of why that would help and who it would help and how it would help.

  3. "Every other medical drug contains a cap, a cap on dosage, a cap on control" That's because most medical drugs can easily kill you. It's almost impossible to die from cannabis.

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