Growing Hemp With A Kratky System

A quick guide on how a Kratky hydroponic system works. Want to support the channel and get early access to all our videos? Join our Patreon at: …


  1. Please watch the Grow Kratky channel. He details a method of using a homemade float valve to manage the water level over the growth period in his tomato and cucumber video. It will certainly had an application here. Use a larger external reservoir and a float valve, no more changing solution or disturbing the plant. He shows how you can adjust the level of the float valve as the plant grows (start high and lower it over the weeks) and finally just leave it to maintain a constant level. He just uses gravity, no pumps.

  2. How many gallons of water per day (or week) does a plant deep into flower consume? That'll tell you how big a reservoir you would need to be to be completely hands off. Does anyone know the gal/day or week?

  3. Tell them how it works they don't seem to listen to Masshole yet….I'm not sure why…..but he explains it perfectly and everyone needs to at least hear it…..I don't care about the credit…..just making a point……I would keep struggling everyday…..and you still wouldn't listen…..we know…..we did that already… ….. how do you wanna play it this time around the block…..I hope your answer is nothing less than….."Together"…….

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