Health Benefits of Marijuana

10 Major Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana, Marijuana is a harmless plant with full of good benefits 1)Treats Migraines 2)Shrinks Tumors 3)Relieves …


  1. Damn fucking FDA and government does not want people live long because medicine business give them more revenue …..most of the chronic problem start with depression , stress, and tension…and marijuana is the solution..but fucking medical business affect if people live tension free life …marijuana is holy herbal plant …the fucking government know tobacco is harmful and cancer causing but they don't banned the tobacco products…but they banned marijuana ..why?

  2. all people who are saying it reduces stress and all…have control over your mind and yourself!you dont need other things to make you feel happy,be better than that.unless you got any of above mentioned diseases in the video dont use it

    At the end of the day your life is only as good as your mindset(get your mindset right)and happiness is a choise

  3. in true reality cannabis can treat and alleviate many illnesses. one of the major things that can work with is with anxiety and depression which I can say it has done miracles with me.

  4. Great video!! Such a wonderful plant. I can't believe the gov't considers it more dangerous than cocaine. Marijuana has helped me considerably with pains and headaches from a car accident more than the oxycodone they wanted to put me on living pain pill to pain pill is no way to live.

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