Hemp Field OFF ROADING – 1,000 acres of Indiana Hemp!

We never thought off-roading through a field of sticky nuggets would be on the itinerary for our Indiana trip..but boy were we pleasantly surprised when Jay …


  1. Oh you're so cool, destroying somebody's property. I hope you get charged and go to jail. Hemp is legal to grow and you destroyed that farmers field. That's cool tho I live close and will destroy your shit when I see it again…

  2. wow. last nite i had dreams of skunk feilds, today i see thats its more than possible. my lord thats beautiful feild, great job to the farmer on such a sucessful crop, so much can come from that hemp is unreal, heres to the future and being able to change how we exist on this plant, stay safe and take care everyone

  3. Wow what a dick head. I feel.bad for anyone growing weed in the area all the weed gonna be ruined cause this guy just drove threw the field letting all that pollen release.

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