Homemade Hemp Salve | with Sana Oil Extractor EUJ-702

Krista demonstrates how to make skin-healing hemp salve at home quickly and easily. Read the article here: …


  1. One of the few videos that kept it simple. The only thing I would include is the ingredient amounts. 730 grams of seeds produces about how many ounces of hemp seed oil and after adding beeswax about how many ounces of product.

    I am sharing this video now. Nice job and keep the duo going.

  2. Also a tip for beeswax – buy it from your own country as you don’t know if the hive has been sprayed with chemicals, Aussie Soap Supplies are safe and so are Bramble berry – I don’t recommend eBay or amazon and this works amazing for my sons eczema and I sell it also even before I saw this and have had heaps of great feedback plus I’m a Aromatherapist and naturopath I have a butterfly garden a Aromatherapy Garden and a fruit n veg garden.

  3. This kind of herbalism content and nutritive smoothie recipes’ make me want to purchase a Oil Extractor or a juicer. Please more of Krista and her herbs. I want to find out what more u can do. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. I wonder what will happen if your put thinly sliced (so that it will fit) carrots in the oil extractor, and if you would get a better yield comparing to the juicing attachment

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