How to Re-Paint Furniture That Has a Wax or Hemp Oil Finish | Furniture Refinishing Tutorial

How to Paint Furniture That Has a Wax or Hemp Oil Finish | Country Chic Paint Furniture Painting Tutorial | In this …


  1. So as a display demonstration you used a
    Re-coat colour similar to the original and we saw … nothing at all happen !! … possibly the most futile demonstration of its kind and can’t believe you wasted time and materials

  2. We have 4 beautiful Windsor chairs that need to be redone. BUT….it has a paint job on them that might be the worst ever. It is thick and super sticky. The paint or maybe wax comes off on your hands and clothes. We tried removing what we thought was wax with alcohol but whatever remains is still sticky. So we are in the middle of using a stripper and mineral spirits and it has been very labor intensive. Six hours for one chair so far. The paint got into the grain of the wood and even sanding does not remove the black in the grain. We will be using the chairs daily and want to be sure the chairs will not get sticky or leave paint on our hands and clothes. I have never used chalk paint. Is it the best option for chairs or table tops and how can I make sure it will be sealed well?

  3. I have an old dresser in my front hallway. I want to apply a fun colour that will 'pop' for interest, and to create a focal point. It will be an enormous job to remove the paint, oil and debris.

  4. I’m going to be doing this on our bedroom dresser for my next project. I used black wax and hemp oil last year to seal it.

    Rubbing alcohol truly works awesome to remove wax or hemp oil. I’ve done this a few times and had no problems at all. I’ve even used vodka and Danish Aquavit (Schnapps) in a pinch. 💁🏼‍♀️😄

  5. I didn’t realize this made such a difference. I’ll be doing my unfinished cabinets luckily and don’t have to worry about it! With the giveaway, I'd finally paint my old dresser (that I've had since I was a baby).

  6. Thank you for the wonderfully informative tutorial! I'd never heard of using this method. It seems so much easier than all the other tutorials on removing wax and hemp oils.

  7. So glad to know that rubbing alcohol will remove the oils, and that I won't have to resort to the toxic solvents. Thank-you!
    I have a vintage feminine looking bedside table that's been prepped and ready to be painted. I also sanded down the top of a large oak buffet which I'd love to tackle after that..staining the top and painting the rest.

  8. Glad that it is easy to remove wax or hemp oil with alcohol. I would rather use alcohol than any solvents so this is a perfect fix! I want to change the color of a wooden stool that I painted a long time ago. Thanks!

  9. This was very useful and so I saved it to my painting ideas folder here on YouTube. The project I want to paint next by using Country Chic Paints is an antique vintage desk or my antique trunk because both are so exquisite. I can’t wait to show it to you guys once I’m down.

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