How to Use Hemp Oil to Polish Furniture

Learn from our very own Dwayne Siever about how to use hemp oil to revive old furniture, including why to …


  1. I couldn't tell if this guy worked for Milk Paint Co or was just a mega fan and bought all their merch at first, because it started off as just a "we are going to refinish this bed, and here is why I chose hemp oil". And then the end was "buy milk paint co products". I am very impressed with this approach and did not feel pressured or bombarded with lies from a snakeoil sales person.

    Because of this I will definitely buy from Milk Paint Co oils and from nowhere else. I always admire videos and approaches like this, a very organic and humble approach to showcasing products and like to congratulate and give positive feedback when I can on stuff like this, as there seems to be so much synthetic interactions these days with business folk.

  2. Can you use this Hemp oil on floors? I believe my old floors have some finish on them. But I don't know what was used. Should I use half and half or hemp oil on my wood floors? Will they be too slick. I don't want to fall haha

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