Keto Question & Answer with Ben Azadi

Are you confused about the keto diet and intermittent fasting? Ask Ben Azadi your burning keto diet and intermittent fasting questions! Download the Keto Kamp …


  1. Hi Ben, I’m watching this live now & am wondering if you would share what supplements you would recommend on a daily basis for overall health? Daily Vit? Vit D? Probiotic? Do you recommend any differences for men vs. women? Ty for all you teach!

  2. Couldn't make it for the live, but wanted to ask you something about fasting. Will a Liquid Stevia with two ingredients: Glycerin and Stevia Leaf Extract break a fast? I'm more concerned about the Glycerin ingredient, couldn't find info about it for fasting.

  3. Restaurants have phones… You could call ahead and ask if they can prepare food with olive oil or butter before you decide which restaurant to go to 1 That way they are expecting you and prepared <3

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