Make your own 50:50 THC and CBD vape cartridges

Get our terpene blends: Our CBD isolate: A popular product in states with legal cannabis are vape cartridges …


  1. Thc wax or shatter mixed with CBD wax or the one you used. With added terpenes. Could I use something to dilute it abit so when I do take a hit it’s not to strong.. ? Would it even Ben strong thc wise? If I was to do same weighing as you? What would you recommend me to use as in diluting it.. 4th adding* .. What should I look out for as in not to buy..

    I’m a newbie hence my questions.
    Hope to hear from you.


  2. No issues with re crystallizing? In my experience..when it chills or gets cool..hardens back up. Won't vape. Only went 7% terps tho. Maybe i should decarb

  3. I thought you needed some type of e-juice that would allow it to vape.  Just the thc, cbd, and terpene is enough to vape?  I'm just starting so trying to get as much info as possible.  I thought I saw some mixes that were pre mixed with terpene and vape juice so all you needed was the cbd and thc.

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