MAKING HEMP OIL AND LAB ANALYSIS – How I make hemp oil and use laboratory analysis to make products

In this video I explain how I make hemp oil at home and how certified laboratory analysis supports the success of this method. I discuss how I use the oil and lab …


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Same thing happened to our farm. We decided to keep the hemp we grew and try and make a few products as well. I am still learning that side of the business. Trying to create a webpage and having such a hard time. I appreciate your videos, you have a new subscriber 😀.

  2. Hi MGAT, Thank you for all this sharing of your experiences, really thorough and honestly presented. I'm wondering why your product line excludes flower, looks like you paid to have nice buds prepared.

  3. That was very encouraging!! I'm in Texas and we are waiting for the green light from our Ag Commissioner to start growing hemp. I may pass on the first year and continue to grow my vegetables. My concern, and I'm not sure if this is a myth or not is that the measurable content of THC may go up in hot growing conditions. I do understand about certified seeds and less than .3% and all that but if the crop sample goes up I may be asked to destroy everything. Has that ever concern you? or what have your learned? I too would like to keep my product and grow as a boutique grower with a private label. I have all the equipment and like you this years purchase is a Berry Hill mulch layer!!! can't wait!! Your videos are super inspiring, I have always grown all my crops from seed; are you guaranteed female plants or what's you take on that compared to growing from seeds? My experience in seedlings is they can be hit or miss compared to growing seeds directly in dirt. For me,… Seeds grown directly in my dirt tend to be stronger because the root structure tends to establish itself really well before the plant takes off. What's the cost of seeds vs seedlings? Again, thanks for all that you are doing, you have the best and most down to earth videos I've seen in awhile – Happy Growing : ) BTW Don't you just love to use that mold board plow!! It gets in your blood.

  4. I am glad I found you I will be growing small scale this season and wanting to make oil for my massage office to use on my clients I have found some others on YT but your the only one that test their product and that’s what I plan to do and have it available to my clients to see what is in the product and how it was grown I know this is going to be a hard working year for me but I am looking forward to all of it Thank You for sharing and if you do have a video on how to make the oil that would be Great !

  5. Thumbs up x 5!!! 🙂 Great update and glad you posted about your Brand products. I think my jaw dropped when I saw the notification LOL Just a suggestion maybe there could be a BHHG YT channel to showcase your Brand products and include reviews from customers. I can tell it takes some research to find the right combination of ingredients. Well done!

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