More than 70 medical marijuana dispensaries shut down over state licensing

Dozens of local medical marijuana dispensaries are shut down after the state issued a deadline for the businesses to get a license. However, many dispensaries …


  1. I don't understand how you pass a law to make it legal for anyone over 21 to posses a substance but take away all means of a safe way to do so. this system is silly everyone needs to follow Colorado's way of doing things they've clearly got it figured out when it comes to regulating cannabis and both supplier and consumers are happy in the amazing state of Colorado! #endpotprohibition

  2. It’s as if Michigan doesn’t want revenue. It’s legal now, we voted for it. We look at Colorado raking in 200million in revenue and do nothing? Seriously what is wrong with our representatives, we now have the ability to boost our revenue, lower crime, increase local economies and create more jobs. The obvious fact that our representatives don’t seem to have any interest in these things is very disappointing.

  3. Oohh
    God give me a break they just want any excuse to make peoples life suck
    I dont give a fuck i will smoke the shit regardless if it is legal or not kiss my ass as john wayne gacy said on the day of excution

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