My Life With Stage 4 Cancer. Join Me For a Week of Interviews, Vlogger Mail & Special Announcement

Too Cute For Cancer, a channel that brings hope and support to anyone with cancer and their caregivers or just anyone wanting to support a person living with …


  1. Oh, I just love this post. You have inspired me to a new level with my own channel. I just love your posts. Dinner looks so yummy! I'm making stew and garlic bread tonight. 🙂 LOVE your glasses! I do intermittent fasting as well. All of my life, actually. I didn't realize until recently, that's what it is called. It's not on purpose, just how I always have been. I have my one meal a day and that's it. Dinner, yum! I'd love to come over and cook with you! Love you bunches, Carrie

  2. Hello I'm a newer viewer my mother recommended your channel I'm praying for you and hope you get better I was reading psalms 116:2 the verse was "Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I call upon him as long as I live" and It made me recognize that God is always listening I had already known that he always listened and we have to be there to listen to him in troubling times but it just reminded me of how much his love is spread through the world praying for you to get better and just wanted to let you know your are so very strong for this 🙏 ❤ – C&C #BreastCancerAwareness. Praying for you because of your loss and your friend's family, and I just wanted to let you know I'm sure Whitney was a good friend and I'm happy to know she's with God, wanted to let you know that purple suits you well as well have a good rest of your week and I'll be here watching for many more days
    I'm sure. I could here little Bentley playing with his little dog toy squeaking 🐕 I love all animals especially dogs and cats I don't currently own any dog but I have to cats Sapen and set they're both adorable little troublemakers but I sure do love them both I think my love for all animals kind of supports my love for everyone no matter if they've done someone unforgivable they can be forgiven by God and I just really think that life can be cruel but God gets us through it I've never spent so much time praying for someone I barely know but I believe you can get through everything no matter what my entire family is praying for you have an amazing week, month, year, decade, and more praying for you as long as I live. God loves you amen

  3. Oh Jodi, you are looking fabulous and getting so much done! Thank you for your wonderful channel. When I subscribed a few months back you had 4 thousand subscribers. Now, months later you have doubled. Be very proud. Blessings to you and your family 🙏🌟🙏

  4. Hi, I am going for my breast ultrasound on Weds. after an abnormal 3D mammo. Something that has stuck in my mind though is a man I watched that had stage 4 lung cancer and his friend who is a vet recommended he try FenBen and since he had little options he did try it along with his cancer treatment and he is now cancer free. I know it seems quickly, but there are even medical studies on this medication that you can literally get at Tractor supply and on Chewy. You can just look up Fenbendazole treatment for cancer. Don't be upset with me for saying this and I have no ideas about details, it is just something that has stuck in my head.

  5. Hi Jodie you’re looking great love your dog he’s so cute glad you’re soon be moving and settling in your new home making new memories‘can’t Waitrose you in there godless take care allaying our prayers x

  6. I just moved Saturday and it wore me out to where i slept 12 hours 🤪🙄 i hate packing and unpacking lol super excited for ur move. Very exciting ❣ Love Carrie Ann

  7. Hello Hello Darlin' Jodi! How lovely you look! This was a great video, it felt like we were right there with you! I'm so happy you love being a YouTuber! That's important and it'll be so great when you can rely solely on your income from doing it and you won't have to do the interpreting…unless you want to. I often share your videos, hoping to bring you new subs. You're such a special person and such a bright light, Jodi. I pray for your peace and for good health daily. You are a true blessing to all who come across your channel, as well as to those who you meet in day to day life. God bless and keep you Sweetie. Until next time! 🙋‍♀️😘🦾🙏🙏💖

  8. You should send that book to a subscriber. Then we can pass it around and put our names and locations in the front! Then after 10 readers we could send it to you and then you could send it another persom on the opposite side of the USA!

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