1. Just legalize recreational Marijuana in NYS…use the tax dollars for many things in this high taxed state! It is NOT a gateway drug! It has many medicinal properties..it is natural..I'm moving to Colorado

  2. They really dont realize that legal or not kids are gonna do it regardless… So what difference does it make. I say make it legal and just closely monitor the program

  3. NY is a popular state so people think we are toking it up like most medical states. Far from the truth and if anything New Yorkers have been living like the 1800s when it comes to weed compared to Medical state's. I have to call a dealer, wait and hope they answer in a orderly fashion and I only have two choices, good weed or top shelf by their standards. Then I have to take the risk of getting robbed or dealing with whatever bs my dealer goes through that week. Also in the winter when it's -10.. Forget about it man. You Cali folks have nice weather, a shop with tons of strains to pick from as if your at a legit Wal-Mart. I have to my senses to pick either city kids from college or someone who looks like they know where to get the loud from. If you switched places with a average smoker in N.Y than you would think that your on a Amish farm with no electricity, cars or junk food to eat.

  4. your going to use what ever drug you feel like buying, that gateway theory is bullshit. you go to the movies when u wanna be entertained, you buy your drug of choice when you wanna get high. YOU smoke marijuana when you have health issues that you think are serious and want to recover from.

  5. Just legalize it already!!!! this whole study thing is a waste of time he's just stalling it's pathetic. Anybody with half a brain knows that Marijuana is safer then alcohol and cigarettes and benefits the states financially look how well Colorado is doing.If Cuomo doesn't legalize it he's a fucking moron!!!

  6. How many studies do they need and for what reason? They need to move forward asap and not waste money on teams for studies that will prove nothing more than making a lot of money to fix their broken subway systems etc. Get it over with already… It will eventually happen anyway!

    PS. The gateway drug theory is nothing more than prohibitionist scare tactics. When I smoked I didn't say "You know what? I think I'll shoot heroin today" And I have never tried anything hard in my life and never will!

  7. Overall traffic fatalities have gone up due to population, tourism and economic growth in legal states, but Overall traffic fatalities PER CAPITA have gone down by 11%, which is a more accurate way of measurement.
    Theft has gone down in legal states.
    90% of fatal crashes involving marijuana, marijuana was not the cause of the crash. Other factors like alcohol, other drugs, speed and reckless driving were the cause, also marijuana can be detected in a body long after someone uses which makes past driving on marijuana statistics useless because there is no way to tell if they were even high at the time of the crash.

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