Police raids and High Times: Money and marijuana start flying in Part 3 of Pinconning Paralyzer podcast

When the Pinconning Paralyzer cannabis strain caught on, it really caught on.

“It just spread like fire everywhere,” said Terry Laskowski, who is playing an integral role in an attempt to revive the once-prominent strain of marijuana. “Everybody was growing weed everywhere, and it was all of that strain.”

And fire means heat. Heat in Pinconning, according to David Myers. He would know. Myers was the subject of law enforcement investigations in decades past. It was all tied to Pinconning Paralyzer.

In part 3 of this Michigan Crime Stories podcast series, we dig into drug busts and reveal how Pinconning Paralyzer got its iconic name. We hear more from Laskowski, Myers and others who have played a role in the decades-long tale surrounding this specific type of cannabis.

You can listen to part 3 here:

If you need to catch up, below are links to the first two episodes of our series, but you can also find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Trust us, you’ll want to start from the beginning of this story.

Pinconning Paralyzer part 1

Pinconning Paralyzer part 2

Next week, we will bring you the conclusion of our series, answering the all-important question: Has the true Pinconning Paralyzer made its return to the now-legal world of recreational marijuana? Stay tuned.

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