Pot For Pain Relief

(Inside Science) — Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition, impacting everything from mood and health to overall well-being. Unfortunately, many treatment …


  1. Take the fucking opioids as prescribed and you wouldn’t need a refill every 3 days forcing your Dr to cut you off and ultimately leading you to the street alternatives. Thank you junkies for fucking up people that respect what opioids can do and can no longer relieve chronic pain without unnecessary surgery.

    Yeah I get it. Marijuana can and does relieve pain. That doesn’t help the people that can’t use it because they work in a fucking job that caused the pain and will get fired for testing positive for THC.

  2. Jacquelyn Bainbridge is a special kind of stupid! The research is already out there if she bothered to look at it! Opioids kill thousands of people every year and yet they continue to push them on behalf of big pharma!

  3. Cannabis does help pain but unfortunately it is still frowned uponand viewed as a hard drug or gateway drug which is a bunch of b******I suffer from intense shoulder pain and chronic lower back pain that keeps me up at night but when I wake up in the middle of the night and smoke a little bit of cannabis it relieves my pain automatically and I can get some sleep…. Unfortunately, the government wants to make it hard and make people feel uncomfortable about using cannabis but doctors no longer want to prescribe any kind of medicine that helps with pain without jumping through a bunch of hoops I say f** the government and if you want to use cannabis use it because it's not addictive and it will not kill you and it does provide pain relief and anxiety relief for a lot of people

  4. Smart people do not overdose on opioids, but can still become quite physically dependent. I hope marijuana is a viable alternative….

  5. For some patients or people – cannabis is a better or the best medicine or product you could possibly give them for treating their illness or illnesses. Less pharmacuticals and more cannabis prescribing would be good. After all – the patient should be the one who decides what medicine they want to be treated with in the end – and if they want cannabis over pharmacuticals they shouldn't be denied it.

  6. I occasionally get opiate prescriptions for pain I'm also a medical marijuana patient I found out that they work very well together but not so well apart unless I use so much marijuana that I can't stand on my feet

  7. Cannabis helps with pain but not only my pain needs meds I tried believe me I live Michigan it’s recreational passed here but I can’t use it because of drug test

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