Seizures in Dogs and Cats || SEVN Webinar Series

In this lecture, Dr. Wong discusses the common signs of seizures in both dogs and cats and reviews the causes of seizures, emergency procedures, and …


  1. My cat had ataxia after starting phenobarbital. It was scary because no one talked to me about the way it would affect her. I appreciate your approach.

    I’ve been using the app Epsy to help track seizures, side effects, aura, doc appointments. It’s helpful. Also help with medication reminders.

  2. Hi! My 3month old mini schnauzer just had her episode a while ago. I think it started when he was 1week old, his body became stiff like a statue for few seconds then softened as if he wasn’t breathing. Now he still have episodes, stiff legs, falls on its side, there’s a head turn always to the left arched back. After watching your video, I wonder if my puppy also have vestibular disease as well. When in normal condition,he’s having a hard time walking without falling, slightly bowed head while walking, can’t poop without falling. The vet gave him phenobarb without even performing neurological exams and blood tests. I went to a animal hospital but they didn’t give me the exact diagnosis, but they changed the phenobarbital to steroids. II hope there are also experts here in Manila to help our furbabies from experiencing this.

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