Should Christians smoke marijuana? Should it be something that Christians should do recreationally? What about medical marijuana? What should our position …


  1. The bible says that cannabis was for the priesthood and royal anointing of kings

    Then Jesus came and turned the use of anointing oil from for the elite to for all God's children which is how he got the name Christ which means "anointed one" so that means that cannabis was for the people to connect us to our creator

  2. I smoked bud for 14 years of my life ive had it all all the strains i was a cannaseur and i could smoke copious amounts of it everyday. I would smoke about a zip every 3 days. Im talkin bout really strong bud not your normal stuff. I personally would get my product from small batch growers in the bay and humboldt county. I live in chicago and weed led me down a dark path i started young, started hitting licks to get bread to cop it. At a young age then i started slanging as a wholesaler and found myself involved in other criminal activities. I ended up gettting a felony conviction for this anyways. GOD started to call me home and i had to ask the Lord to remove anything that is keeping me from Him. He revealed to me that bud had to go. He showed me the people growing the particular weed i was smoking were actually satanists and i started noticing through there instagrams that they are involved in the occult. They would put pentagrams Nd other such things on the jars images of the baphomet etc. I AM THANKFUL the Holy Spirit convicted me and showed me that bud was no good for me or my mind or my spirit. And it actually kept me from our Lord and Savior. The way i look at it now is the world for the most part wants nothing to do with Jesus Christ, but they embrace weed. I want to keep my self from moving in the way of the world. Therefore why would i embrace something for myself that the world embraces when we are called to not move in the way of the world and the flesh. I am so thankful for GOD opening my eyes. Now my Faith has grown tremendously and I stay in the Living Word! I should Also add before i didnt want anything to do with GOD, weed also led me to use lsd shrooms dmt and opium and pills. It is not innocent there is a reason the powers that be legalized it especially during the times we are living in now. Satan wants us to be numb minded and spiritually numb. So that we are kept from the Truth! Bud also made me susceptible to demonic attacks before i was returned home to our Heavenly Father. If the world loves it i remove it from my life, we must be alert and spiritually sound in these end days. We must be able to hear The Lord speak to us, the coming of the antichrist is no joke and i worry for those caught in the way of the way of the world because they will be deceived it is written! I hope this can help anyone that needs help making the decision to cut it out of their lives. Continue to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ Yeshua THE MOST HIGH, THE MESSIAH. He will use the conviction of the Holy Spirit to convict you of anything that needs to go. Stay In His Living Word as well he speaks to us through His word.

  3. I struggle with what was said about if you cant stop it for 30 days then its an idol… im anxious about everything now. Like i eat peas every day, i sleep every day, i use my phone every day, i put shoes on every day, i talk to someone every day… does that mean thry are all idols? Coz if i gave it all up for 30 days i would feel pretty miserable?

  4. I used to be a pot head. It’s just what my husband and I did. Finally my love and full surrender to Jesus shook this addiction (and the regular use of alcohol) from my life. I don’t need it anymore praise God! I really believe weed and alcohol were idols in my life that I was running to and relying on them more than God. I am so grateful that I’m free from it! I used to trip out so much about smoking in the car and getting pulled over.. it made me argue with my husband and made the smoking not even worth it. Prayers for all those who struggle like I did with this! Especially with it being so culturally acceptable. But God has not called us to fit in to the culture, we are the salt and light of the world! We are to crucify the sinful cravings of our flesh and seek to honor God! Being sober minded because believe it the devil is prowling! Praise God I no longer have to hide the smell of weed smoke! 💚Matthew 6:33

  5. Drugs are escapism. I think weed is probably the least harmful escapism compared to drinking or other harmful drugs but its still not fool proof. Let's not forget the ratio of psycho active cannabinoids and how it could affect your brain. We really shouldn't use it too much especially now that it will be legalized.

  6. The law of the land was that Jesus not claim to be the Christ child of god.This is why Jesus was put on the cross.What would Jesus do?I don't know what Jesus would do related to marijuana But Jesus wouldn't not bow to the law of the land because he would be taken off the cross he had to do with stop being a criminal and he could be taken off the cross he was told that several times.
    The wine Jesus made was to change the state of your mind but Drink and be merry but do not be a drunkard is an instruction of the bible.

  7. i pray everyday for like 30 minutes to god cuz i feel like that's the bare minimum we can do he sacrafised himself for us he's the only one that will never betray us nor leave us. and i feel like weed isn't the issue i smoke weed sometimes like once a month with some friends weed is a medicine. i mean coffee is worse than weed my sister drinks coffee everyday in the morning and once there was no coffee in the house and she freaked out she looked like a crack head that hadn't used crack for over 1 week it was crazy what it did to her anyways i can stop smoking weed if i want to i don't need it like i said i do it like once a month sometimes more sometmes less. i have one question for the stoners in the commentsection if you had never smoked weed would that make you a better christian would that make you go to church every week?

  8. I'm not standing on a soap box or have a care one way or the other about what people do to their bodies BUT I'm 64 been smoking weed for 50 years as I get older the younger vices just don't seem as appealing as they once did. All I can say is the first time some of us tried like hell to smoke a cigarette or smoke anything, God we rolled up some dried lawn clippings in a sheet of notebook paper and tried to smoke it, needless to say ALL THE WAY BACK THEN my body was telling me when I tried to inhale the smoke and almost threw up I coughed so much that maybe this is not good for me, DUH!!! but being the stupid human that I am I'm going to smoke this thing if it kills me, Ha! Think about it, Lighting something on FIRE and then trying to inhale the smoke!!! NOT TO INTELLIGENT!! As my life gets closer and closer to an end there is a lot of things I would have done differently One of them is to NEVER have started smoking, I quit 3 years ago because my body said so, although I would be smoking now if my body would let me, hypocritical I know, Don't ask me what it is but smoking IS quite satisfying, at least to me. Like he said weigh the options for yourself, God and your own body will tell you what you should do.

  9. Eating red meat is no way bad for you… It's one of the most nutrient dense foods one can consume and has been consumed by the vast majority of cultures around the globe as a main source of nutrition since the literal dawn of man. One can live on mostly red meat, many meat diet exponents are former vegans whose biology was very badly effected by the often nutrient lacking no meat diets.
    It is not truthful to suggest red meat is bad so I'd advise checking your sources and reconsidering this position, especially if it's one you're applying to your own diet.
    Please try not to make suggestions unless you know them to factual lest you lead people astray.
    God Bless.

  10. I'm a medical user but I'm getting to a point where the only healing/medicine I need is God. Through God all things are possible so I have faith that one day I will be off medical marijuana for good.

  11. Hi I am a young Christian and I love watching anime and reading I am a advance reading student and reading is just my passion I love it! it brings me into another world were i feel as if i can be my true self is this a addiction i tried stop reading in I did but I picked it up again is it my idol?

  12. I used to smoke weed regularly for 3-4 years before becoming a Christian. I stopped because it was producing bad fruits in my life, and because I was told that it is a sin.

    Recently, I decided to smoke weed in my downtime because I was in a rut of sin & I was just trying to escape. I felt out of touch with God & myself, and just wanted to feel again.

    When high, all I could think about was God. I could feel His Holy Spirit singing praises in the depths of my soul, and his voice was present with me more in that one high than in my entire journey as a Christian. Scripture came to life & my thoughts were bombarding me with scripture. I had so much love in my heart for God and others, it was truly wonderful. Absolutely taken over by His Spirit!

    I didn’t smoke weed to serve my flesh. I smoked to serve my spirit, & it happened to be the greatest thing possible for my relationship with God. 🤷🏼‍♂️ my spiritual eyes are now more open and my understanding of Christ has only deepened incredibly.


  14. There are many Christians who have embraced the hyper grace movement and find nothing wrong with smoking weed, drinking, shouting F bombs, divorce, and having pre-marital sex.

  15. Growing up is confusing enough without some of the harder answers being what people think you need to hear but not really what you need to know. Yes, a lot of accidents involve weed. Most of them don't or that would be the information.

    Driving intoxicated isn't wrong because you're increasing your risk, it's wrong because you're increasing the risk of everyone else. Not cool. Weed, drink, hard, so much about the mind and how a person will be affected is unique to the individual even among people that consume together.
    In drug culture, weed isn't even considered a drug really, that's just something cops and squares say.
    I've never known anyone to lose thier mind off weed but I'm familiar with a report and in there it's not a cause , it's a "potentially contributing factor", like genetics and stress, and only if you start in your early teens. We know alcohol will mess you up, alcohol has been around long time, we've always known. We can't say that about weed which has been with us longer. People will use somthing hard thier whole life and be just fine but that's not interesting or tragic so it's not getting paid to be a guest speaker.
    The information out there, even (perhaps especially) with the best heart behind it will almost certainly be biased or in need of clarification. Sometimes it's a flat out lie. Like the 🚫 with the leaf in the middle. It's says no, bad, dangerous, don't smoke. Well yeah, don't smoke that you'll end up with a headache. Bud is the smoke, and you're not getting lung problems from weed , it's just unhealthy to breathe in a burning plant.
    Whatever you decide to do, do for yourself, not for someone that wants you to and do it with as much information as you can because if it ruins your life or makes you just an incredible force of good, ultimately you are the person that will live with the decision. It's the way this has always been.

  16. I smoke myself. But I'm also a Christian.
    I learned there difference between when I smoking because I just wanted to relax, and when I smoked as a coping mechanism.
    Its definitely helped decide how I smoke today.
    Remember, just like everything else. Its about moderation
    Stay hydrated, and as always God bless!

  17. Alert Spiritually!! When anybody smokes weed it makes them spiritually blind to their surroundings. Like they can’t feel if a person is evil or if the Holy Spirit is guiding them there.

  18. Thank you so much I do believe what you say I have been trained in counselling for addiction I do use marijuana for pain nothing else it doesn't change me emotionally it just allows me to relax and go to sleep I don't like Pharmaceuticals because everybody in my family have had troubles with them so I choose not to use them so thank you for your information what do you feel about my situation I have chronic pain but I will not use pain meds thank you again I seek the Lord daily probably ten thousand million times a day praise His name

  19. I feel like only people who have smoke can make this video because when I do smoke I’m WAYYYYYY MORE ALERT & calm & happy …… I usually smoke when I’m bored or if I’m falling away from the path the lord put me on!!! Weed does not give me a piece of mind , it just helps me slow down my thoughts and think about what’s the best way I can deal with the current situation.

  20. Weed is not a sin as long as it doesnt become an idol or lead to things that actually are sins. People say its a sin becuase your not "sober minded" but they obviously haven't smoked because up to a point you can smoke and be sober minded. Alcohol is much more destructive yet is not a sin if used moderately. Marijuana is no different.

  21. I don’t smoke marijuana and I recently decided that I do not want to consume alcohol. I never really drank alcohol away because I never felt a real need to and my parents are addicts, so I have always been very weary of recreation drugs/substances. A few weeks ago I decided I needed to do better in my relationships with God, so I have been taking a look at myself and trying to work on the things I need to change to help me fulfill what God wants me to do for his kingdom. I was thinking recently about whether or not it is okay for me to drink alcohol, I came to the conclusion that they way I was doing it wasn’t bad because I did not over do it or do it often, but I feel for my personal self that, one I don’t need it and two, I thinking I want to serve God to my fullest ability and I don’t feel I can do that if I’m not at full capacity mentally or spiritually and alcohol is one of those things that I think limits my capacity. I will say in regards to reason number 1, I have had a big mistrust of the government for the past few years, it has nothing to do with the president, but the government as a whole. I do not feel they are doing the work of God. What do you think is the best approach trying to follow God’s word in Romans 13:1, when there is a mistrust of the government?

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