Smoking Recreational Marijuana, Drug Testing and Truck Driving. What can you do? (Unfair rules?)

Trucking, drug testing, cdl drivers and trucking suits. Are the rules unfair? Everyone else can, but you cant? SAP program. How to pass a drug drug test? Things …


  1. The answer to change the laws is simple. All drivers from all companies should go on strike until they change the marijuana federal laws. 2 days without trucks moving will bring the country to a stop and they would be forced to change the law. It’s really that simple.

  2. This conversation made so much sense and gave me closure it sounds like my marijuana use is an insurance liability as long as it is in my system because and dot doesn't know the standard because if you smoke and drive you will have more focus as you drive and less stress and longer living drivers no one wants to drive because dot ain't shit and insurance and the company want no fault in any accidents so they make sure they dug test the driver to remove fault from themselves asap

  3. I've driven for 20 years, I think it's stupid. I can get hungover drunk you get in the truck and as long as my blood alcohol level is under 04 or 02 I can't remember which I can get in a truck and drive groggy and hungover. I can't go home Friday night take a couple hits off of a pipe come to work Monday. How does that even make any sense? I'm sure they have a method of testing to where they can tell if you were actually under the influence. It's just control

  4. I have a CDL and I smoke herb everyday but it's easy too pass a drug test the only way I can get caught is a blood drawn they just need too legalize it I am a reasonable I only get blazed on my time and not driving I think federally is too just take it off the piss test list and not classify it as a drug

  5. Congress needs to get off their ass and de-list cannabis as a federal drug. That will go a long way toward changing this, though things have to change at the state level too – even in states where it is "legal". Better and cheaper testing needs to be developed too.

  6. Imagine if you got an alcohol buzz on a few days ago, were perfectly sober now, got behind the wheel, made a mistake, got pulled over, got tested, and they could show that you had drank alcohol in the past few weeks? And you got a DUI, or fired from your job for drinking a six pack a week before you got behind the wheel?

    Pretty crazy.

    You could smoke meth, wait a few days, then drive, and not have to worry about a ticket or getting fired.

    No wonder we have a trucker shortage.

  7. Im 60. Everyone that I went to high school with that smoked pot died younger, car accident, went on to hard drugs. You will never change my mind. It will ruin you life or kill you or someone else sooner or later.

  8. Fuck cdl rules they need to even the playing field and test like they do alcohol. How tf can I just blow to test hours back for alcohol then it should be the same for marijuana. So fucked up

  9. Alcohol should be illegal but the statistics dictate ( or at least promote) the idea that marijuana is in deed safer. I understand their idea that because weed stays in your system ; you can't determine the degree in which you are intoxicated but weed should not end your career and or your livelihood.

  10. So when you smoke weed you aren’t high the next day, hometime I can drink and hometime I will smoke weed. If I’m fired that’s the industries loss. And not an industry I wanna be apart of anyways lol. Y’all are out your mind. Good luck finding anyone to work for you.

  11. Hey iv got a question. My job I currently work at is offering to pay for me to get my cdl license to drive a 10 wheel dump truck with air brakes and and a day cab 40 ft granite blocks to be sawed. Basically it would be just around town doing local pickups. I’m already hired with the company so where else besides getting my health card would I have to take a drug/urine test

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