Truly Organic Hemp Oil Facial Serum: Get After It! | Bella Noir Beauty

I absolutely love this oil! Purchased at Nordstrom but can only find it at Ulta right now. (affiliate link) The Ordinary B Oil Review …


  1. WARNING!!! Do not purchase from this company

    Do not trust this company! They are liars! My friends and I have been using their products and it’s very clear that they are misleading their customers about the actual ingredients in their products. They claim that their products are loaded full of “fruits and veggies” and that they only use clean ingredients. All lies!!! They don’t list all the ingredients in their products. Their products actually contain tons of chemicals and artificial colorants. If you know anything about how organic, natural products are made, you will see that natural colorants like beet extract and spirulina (all of which they claim to use in their products) are EXPENSIVE!! There is NO WAY they can produce such colourful products for the price they are selling them at. They are instead using toxic, ARTIFICIAL colorants! To prove this, my dad (who is a chemist) had a few of their products tested and the chemical composition did not match what was on the label! They are liars!! Look up “TRULY ORGANIC (the company’s former name)” online and you will see that they were FINED by the FTC for lying to their their customers about their products being “organic”. They were actually fined TWICE! Once in 2016 and once in 2019 for making claims about using only organic ingredients! They do not use organic ingredients at all! After they were sued, all the retail stores who carried them, DROPPED THEM! One of the retail stores told the FTC that they sent them emails full of lies in order to get them to carry their brands! The FTC does not know about their ingredients lies!!! We are working to report them. Their products contain harmful chemicals that people using them are trying to avoid! They are in fact harming people with these lies! I know this because I was harmed after using their “Moon Rocks Scrub”. I had a terrible reaction to what I later learned was a chemical called “Indigo carmine”. This company lies and says their Moon Rocks Scrub is coloured with Spirulina and it NOT! What’s worse is, my friend and found hairs in our products. Not only do they lie about their ingredients, their products are made under unsterile conditions. Their company is NOT under new management! Max Appelman and Chloe Dayan are running the company. They did a rebranding in order to HIDE the fact that the FTC fined them for lying!!!!!!

    Don’t trust these people!!

  2. Marshall’s and tjmaxx has this brand… I purchased the same oil at Marshall’s for $15. However mine doesn’t have a smell at all. 🤷‍♀️ I love their 24k black soap though! That cleanser is bomb.

  3. It's always a special treat when you drop in!!!!! You really should stop by more often!!! Thanks for this product review, and you look fabulous!!! 💋💄💖💋💄💖 xoxoxoxoxoxox

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