Two easy ways To Make CBD Oil at home!

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  1. I'm confused. This doesn't seem any different from making canna butter with coconut oil, but for some reason you add water. How is this different?

  2. I suggest putting Fresh Hemp in a Mason Jar and cover that with Olive Oil , put a lid on it and set it in a sunny window for 2 weeks and Wahla DIY CBD Oil. Decarboxylation is not necessary for this Method.

  3. Cant i just put a good cannabis bud in a mason jar and pour ever clear in till in just comes over the bud.Then shake the jar every day for two months without decarb?Will i still have a good tincture?Let me know thanks.

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for your nice tutorial video.
    But I don’t get the third part, the boiling do you use a saucepan with water in it where you place the jar in it, or do you use water to put inside the jar?
    And also, what is the quantity of olive oil and of the cannabis?
    Thank you for your replies

  5. You are wrong with the hemp plant being high in cbd it is very low and would not give you a medical effect. You need to extract from a indica or sativa that is high in cbd . They can go up to 20% where as hemp just guessing on the number. I think is less than 1%

  6. If you bake it is there not a way you can just simply grind it up after you done baking it and then put it into the oil and do as you have instructed and then use a coffee filter two catch two particles

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