Understanding Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders and Current Treatments: David Vossler, MD

David Vossler, MD, is the Director of Adult Neurology and the Level 4 Accredited Epilepsy Center. In this DocTalk video, Dr. Vossler explains the different types …


  1. That was an excellent program but I do wonder that you didn't mention any other epilepsy centers in other parts of the U.S. I have seizures due to a head injury in my 20's. I am now 74

  2. I tried the anti-seizure drug Keppra with absolutely zero results, then Trileptal, which helped, but I still had grand mal seizures and the side effects were horrible. After about 5 years my neurologist finally agreed to "recommend" marijuana, CBD. It changed my life.

    I’ve been seizure free for the longest period ever. My memory and abilities are coming back, it is an amazing feeling. If you have seizures please try CBD, it won't get you high.

    I buy a small bottle via the internet, 30ml's (1 fl oz) with 2500mg total CBD, 83mg per serving and drip about half a dropper (half a serving) under my tongue twice a day, morning and night.

    The bottle cost me a little over $100 and lasts about a month. This is a lot more than the pharmaceutical drugs cost, but I would pay 10 times that, because it has had such a positive result for me.

    Please make sure you buy it from a reputable supplier, with consistent quality.

    I hope it will help you, like it has helped me.

  3. I recently end natural treatment from herbalist healer which i used to got rid of my Epilepsy i only applied the treatment for one month. it so amazing i eliminated this Epilepsy out from my body. i also recommend everyone suffering from this horrible sickness should also be cure you can reach Doc Iniboku via email; Joseph.healinghome@gmail.com

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