Woman says micro-dosing marijuana makes her a better mom l GMA

In an essay for Parents.com, writer Leah Campbell reveals small amounts keep her “present” and “functional” for her daughter. LEARN MORE: …


  1. The right dose is 1.1.

    5 mg of THC /5mg of Cbd./Entourage affect
    It’s easy. To do.

    Get off Xanax. It got me down from 4mgs to 2mgs.
    I been on it for 11 years

    It helped me … with stuff I can’t talk about. Because I probably get a law suit if I told you
    I beat serious 🧐 life threatening illness

  2. hell yea marijuana is a greaT team member for pain and anxiety unlike other drugs …other pain killers fuck u up and CA be addicting YOU GO MOMMY DO YO THANG! i smoke literally just at night i have to wild toddler boys! Marijuana is better than ANY Yucky drug out there or wtf those pyhcs perscribe u! that CAN BE ADDICTING!!#Marijuana is the way!

  3. It's not a drug it's a herb. Coco is not a drug but is processed into a drug using chemicals. Start getting these facts straight. You don't need a damn doctor to tell you how much you need. If you got responsibilities sort your shit out first then get relaxed

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  5. When I got depersonalized from a 25mg hybrid edible that was when my depression finally got curbed, not worrying the slightest of problems in life, competition among others, and finding the love and happiness I once had as a child. Of course the depersonalization wore off in a few weeks but that was my best experience thus far.

  6. Are the audience members being coaxed to smile and perhaps show some sort of emotion They just don't seem natural OMG I forgot this is program television Programs to influence and start to

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