1. I smoke weed, at most 5time in a month,
    I dont do it every day,
    But i love the feeling when i smoke♥️,
    I think faster, reason better, i hear better, i feel every sound when am listening to music,
    I just love the feeling,
    Bt am smart enough not to do it every day,
    No offense please 😁

  2. Lmfao half of this isn’t true, I smoke every night (need it to sleep) I never forget what I do, I’m still good at everything I was good at before, if not better when I first smoke

  3. One thing they didn’t mention that should be common knowledge is that your sense of touch is increased, so you’re more sensitive to things you feel, and whenever you’re horny you’re basically like 100 times more horny🤣

  4. Hm when I first did it I didn't shut up about the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise and my tongue was all fuzzy.. And I had motion blur and shit was like 50% more unnoticeable

  5. I had a bad trip after years of smoking now I’m torn that I’ll never enjoy weed again. I first took a t break then started smoking again. First couple days went well got high as hell and felt like high school. Then one night I smoked too much too fast greened out and had a anxiety attack. I tried smoking again a day later then although less severe I got anxious again. Wtf. I’m here tryna understand what weed does lol. I just hope I can smoke again

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