10. Motor Neurone Disease, Diagnosis MND ALS – living while dying – Teed Talks – Episode 10

Hi from Melbourne – Special guest Sammy – We’ve moved.


  1. Hi Therese and Sammy 🙂 Don't be sad Therese. Sammy is doing what she wants to do. You both look great and really happy to be together. Funny stories about the kids moving in and out ! To answer your poll… yes – please bring Sammy back – happy travels back to the Coast ! 🙂

  2. You two beautiful ladies are brilliant, hilarious! Hope you are having a wonderful night! You can always talk to us around the world, we're listening and there, thank you so much for sharing your journey's together – more please – together you can do this. x

  3. Sammy, you are Gorgeous! I adore your vibe together ladies. Love and power to you both despite the challenges 🥰 🥰 xx
    Our kids are so happy to help us, but us mums just want to do it even when we need help. I keep saying I’ll do it while I can, and when I can’t you’re the first to know. Girls, this video is just so beautiful thank you to you both for being you 🥂 ♥️

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