'3.3 Million Joints A Day': Mississippi Gov Slams Marijuana Legislation As Recreational, Not Medical

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R-MS) said Monday he’d oppose proposed medical marijuana legislation, suggesting the amount …


  1. Who cares? It's what we voted for and corrupt politicians and judges shot it down. Y'all are really lucky the population is complacent and ignorant of their actual power.

  2. I can't believe people like this are still making idiotic statements about something they know nothing about. He simply wants control. If Alcohol and cigarettes are still on the shelves then I as an American should be able to choose what other substances go into my body as well, not just the ones they say are okay for me to use…

  3. -" Oklahoma limits are on a PER TRANSACTION basis, not daily or monthly." Oklahoma purchase limits are equivalent to:
    3 ounces marijuana flower = 84 grams.

    – "Mississippi" : imagine having 3.5 grams allowed

  4. Science and widespread experience have shown marijuana is not addictive and has no significant harms. – Yet, more than 500,000 innocent Americans are arrested for simple marijuana possession each year and made second-class citizens – for life! They will forever face large obstacles to decent employment, education, travel, housing, government benefits, and will always go into court with one strike against them. They can even have their children taken away!

    25 million Americans are now locked away in this very un-American sub-class because of this bogus "criminal" record. That has a horrible effect on the whole country, being a massive waste of human potential.

    The fraudulent marijuana prohibition has never accomplished one positive thing. It has only caused vast amounts of crime, corruption, violence, death and the diminishing of everyone's freedom.

    Any, like Reeves, who support this insane witch-hunt, especially at this late date, will go down in history as evil sponsors of the senseless persecution of millions of Americans.

  5. So if you have a big population you shouldnt have medical marijuana just because the numbers look too big 😂🤣😂😍😂🤣😂😍😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 idiotic logic no?

  6. What a goobernugget. He is perfectly fine with 25% of his state being hooked on prescription painkillers, opiates, muscle relaxers, anti anxiety / anti depressants, benzo's, (pill pusher incorporated) etc… but he has a problem with 10% of the state receiving their doctors "permission" to use cannabis. He's such an obvious authoritarian jack boot standing there with his storm trooper thugs on the stage. He does not represent his voters, he is merely a puppet of the Law Enforcement Industry. I bet he owns a ton of pharmaceutical stock too (like most conservative authoritarians).

  7. 4.5 BILLION prescriptions were filled in the US last year, if that's just 30 pills each, that's 135 BILLION pills floating around at any given time.
    I just don't think that's medicinal any more 🤷‍♂️

  8. Says he represents his state but refuses to enact a bill that was voted on by his constituents. I thought this was America. I thought we were democratic. Guess the GOP has other plans.

  9. This is the same guy who suggested the best way to combat Covid was through "the power of prayer." Seems as if good ol' Tate isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Guessing his political idol is Nancy Reagan.

  10. 74% of the residents of Mississippi voted for a MM program. Say the Mississippi part out loud to yourself. 74% of Mississippi voters, deep red MS. The only thing that stands in the way of common sense reform of MJ laws are people like Tate and his pal over in Madison, MS who single handedly crushed the MM program. Vote them out.

  11. "And if we taxed each joint 1 dollar, that would be 3.3 million dollars in revenue a day, or 1.2 Billion a year"
    "We're one of the poorest states in the union, and that would nearly double our tax revenue, but I'm a blac cough God fearing Republican and will not be tempted even though 80 percent of the state already decided on this"

  12. What he leaves out is "under this new law….our schools will get millions….our communities will get millions…crime rates have fallen in places where its legal…. This guy needs to go back to school…learn to read…do some research and get back to us.

  13. This is a man who thinks a dude named Jesus who lived thousands of years ago came from heaven as the son of god to redeem mankind, oh and that not only did he die, but he came back to life and will come back to life a 2nd time. Yeah he’s sane and competent.

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