Astral Hemp Loyak Review | Hemp Shoes FTW!

Thanks to Astral for providing the Hemp Loyak shoes for this review. Get yours! Men’s: (paid link) Women’s: (paid …


  1. Was debating between these (non hemp) and the Lems Primals. Decided to go with the Lems but deff getting the Astrals next time. Thanks for the review!

  2. The other Astral shoes destined for Hiking up to Long Distance Trails Like the Triple Crowns not to oversee…

    Hemp is drying faster than leather.
    Dschungel Boots can be Made Out of hemp, while like all fabrics dust and mud leads to the effect that the fabric eats itself, while you Walk in them and the Mesh of the fabric is eaten at it's structure/yarns. So you wash them each evening latest anyway.
    Muddy conditions -> leather Upper
    Dusty conditions -> Special Type of Suede Leather
    Dry or wet in Terms of e.g. creeks -> synthetic or hemp
    Just dry and warmer climatezones -> canvas instead of suede-leather.

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