Authorities seize millions of dollars worth of marijuana from 500 illegal grows in Antelope Valley a

Law enforcement authorities cleared numerous illegal marijuana grow locations in the Antelope Valley Tuesday in what the Los …


  1. To bad Rex bought out the La water district and tapped into the main aquifer in La county that’s how his growing all his hemp fields. But that’s legal??? He’s just a White Collar Criminal.

  2. More profit in outdoor growing because you save on electricity which can amount to thousands of $.

    Take a lesser profit and go the secure way with warehouses setup as fake businesses.

    I don’t do it but I used to hang around guy’s friends of a friend 10 years back doing it and driving fancy cars with loads of cash. I almost got in but decided to do things legit.

  3. What a waste !!! How can they get a way with so much !!! What happened sheriff how is that possible all of that infrastructure wasn't build in a day!! How is possible for your officers not to notice this??? No body patrols that area??? Who are the officers assigned to this part of the county, some body in law enforcement has to be covering or protecting them??? Why isn't took so long for the authoritys to notice ???

  4. Imagine a drug running operation that forced you into taking something or you would lose your job, and you couldn't sue for side effects…oh wait, can't talk about that on Commietube.

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