Calculating Dosage for Edibles || How Much THC

Using edibles is a great way to balance the endocannabinoid system and heal the body. By making your own, you are easily able …


  1. I overdosed on canna butter, I had always used butter for my coffee, but this was canna butter from my dad's freezer, I noticed it was super dark green, didn't know it was super 3x condensed, used a 1/4 stick for my coffee, we believe I consumed 900mg of thc, he said he uses 1/2 stick for a batch of twelve super strong cookies … Worst night of my life, I couldn't feel my legs, my heart's palpitations I knew I was going to die, thank God I didn't, but man I had totally lost my sense of self and reality, my world wasn't a thing and I could feel myself falling and falling… Never again 😂

    *Forgot to mention, this nightmare lasted all night, and I was still high after 24hrs and by the second morning I was alright. And also, I knew it was canabutter, but I made a double for one for my wife also but she didn't drink hers so I cleaned it, since it had been over an hour and I hadn't felt anything.

  2. I don't know who came up with 10mg as a typical dose, but even if I have zero tolerance 10mg is a threshold dose. Edibles are ridiculously expensive in dispensaries and as much as I like to smoke I'm 43 and my lungs are getting tired. This video is very helpful in helping someone like me who is poor at math. Ty so much!

  3. Fyi 1g of cannabis concentrate is equivalent to 1000 mg but let's say you have a gram of dry cannabis that's 20%THC your mg would be equivalent to 200 mg much love keep trying

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