Cannabidiol | Weed | CBD Hemp Oil CNN Special Dr Sanjay Gupta 2014 Documentary

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  1. Here is where I get it. They have CBD products for pets as well. Also, an exclusive 10X CBD oil! And the best pricing of any comparable products! All organic and US sourced. Purest oil, and lab results available. It’s a great opportunity to be in the direct market of the product usage. People have to get it somewhere. This is the Amazon of CBD oil products!

  2. For those of us who can't get mmj strains like Harlequin or ACDC, hemp buds are a decent substitute. You can buy them on auction sites for dirt cheap & they work great for anxiety, pain, etc. No paranoia due to the absence of THC. Futura 75 is my fave strain so far. CBD products are nice but too expensive.

  3. Been taking pills for awhile now it has helped my mind from the psychosis I have, almost to the point where I'm normal again. I'm trying some cbd syrup right now & can say it does help in healing & control my psychosis a lot more like taking a large step forward then continuing the prescriptions. Might buy more to see if it helps with my day to day life.

  4. Dr Sanjay Gupta was on the medical team at University of Michigan hospital, that gave us back our son after a brain tumor. I trust this mans word, having dealt with this man.

  5. I have a serious, lifetime anxiety disorder. Has anyone had luck treating GAD and panic with CBD? Side effects? Addictive potential? Possibility for the reverse reaction of severe panic and paranoia (which I am prone to already)?

  6. I think it's like anything – harmless in moderation. If you need an "eyeopener" to get out of bed of a morning and or just smoke all day everyday to the exclusion of all else though, you may have an issue I'd say.

  7. What is the difference between CBD oil & hemp oil? Is hemp oil good for bipolar disorder, if not, where can I buy CDB oil & will it hinder me from passing a drug test? I don't trust many websites because of fraud, so I ended up buying hemp oil from my local health store.

  8. I'm reaching out for help from people who experienced something similar to what I'm going through. Long story short: I had a horrifying bad trip with a small thc Kiva mint chocolate bar about the size of half my pinky. I had a panic attack and went to the hospital. I was released and it wasn't until 6 days later when I felt an anxiety attack building up because I was feeling constant paranoia and anxiety with fear. I was freaking out. I've been coping with this constant feeling of me feeling like I'm losing my mind for about 1 week now. Has anyone here ever experienced this before? Did you overcome this horrible living nightmare? Please. Thank you for reading and replying.

  9. Only THC relieves pain and increases appetite and all that other great stuff a cancer patient might like…, CBD is more for seizure relief! if you're not getting high from it it will not help your pain or anything else!!! Waste of time and money 🙁

  10. I find it convenient they left out stats for Cigarette amongst items of addiction. That's far more addictive and dangerous than anything else. They should ban cigarettes not Cannabis.

  11. Traveled the world for a special investigation???
    I have a better idea go fucking home and get you a bag of weed
    and smoke it like a man and stop acting like a god damn child!!!
    Smoking pot will kill your military career???
    What now you can't volunteer yourself to kill people for the elite???
    That really sucks!!

    You know what the government loves more than putting adults in Jail
    or sending our soldiers over sees to kill people
    letting children suffer or die!!!

    If I had a child I would be the kind of soldier to kill so my child doesn't suffer from something
    because the government doesn't allow me to help them

  12. Addiction rates of Meth weren't in the list! That's the highest addictive drug and deadliest! If kids started drinking in the 8th grade regularly like this risk scenario they speak of then they would be fried by 18 and eventually die of liver disease or whatever. Kids can't legally purchase pot, or alcohol; so the ones who get it illegally are few, and it's expensive on the street. Alcohol wasn't on that list either.

  13. I vape all day and night and use best ones on the market for cbd additives ! everyone has heard of cbdfx and cbd drip ! best vape cbd going ! there are so much available now on the Internet ! cannot keep up !

  14. Ganja has been protecting my brain since 14.  Now, many years later, I test at an IQ between 150-160.  I think this establishment Gupta wants to dupe ya.  Kaneh Bosm (cannabis) is both ancient and holly, with origins dating back to pre-recorded history.  "The purpose of morality is to tech you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live."-Ayn Rand

  15. I've now been using cbd oil (CBD Drip Onyx) for a month now and I feel like a new person!!! I have an autoimmune disease and suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, nausea, poor appetite, inflammation, neuropathy, and others. I haven't had to take opioids since i've started this oil. It is life changing for me!!! I will use this forever and I recommend it to everyone!!! My sister also uses it and she has MS. It helps her too. LIFE CHANGING!!!!

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