1. You both seem to have a small detail wrong, about getting high and smoking it. If we’re talking about the medical usage of the plant, we’re talking about CBD. You wouldn’t smoke that, and you can’t get high from that. You get it as oil, so you can dose it by the drop. Talking about smoking it, is in my opinion wrong, because we shouldn’t tell people to smoke anything- especially when it’s not necessary. There’s no THC in the oil you’ll get from the pharmacist, so it wouldn’t impact your ability to drive nor change your psyche. Most medicine dealing with psychiatric health problems, destroys your lever, kidneys and eats away your teeth if used for more than 10 years. Even a drug such as Ibuprofen, which is given as painkiller all the time, does that over time. So I wote yes cannabis. Driving as a bad example, defeats itself. Because alcohol is legal, but no sane person would argue that we therefore should be able to drive drunk. And we can now test for the amount of CBD in your system, so that can easily be regulated as well.

    I do think the punishment for possession is a debate in itself, because it’s a giant contradiction. You say that it’s OK to have a little on you, because the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Well how does the dealer get it then? Or du you actually think, that he should be allowed to say “yeah I have 2 kilos on me, but I’m only selling 1 gram at the time”. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. Schlongdonger's Cat, Fight The Tight Shirt, MC Loony Toon and… others? Cool. Something interesting to watch. Though I don't smoke the green stuff, I see no reason to make it illegal to smoke it. Booze is much more damaging and causes many more problems in society.

  3. I did watch this live but decided to reflect a bit before commenting. My take on this is that it was not really much of a debate as it seemed that Caucasian Sensation pretty much agreed with most of the legalization points. Also, why did FTFE cite all of the various U.S.A. reasons for outlawing cannabis back in the 30's, doesn't have much to do with cannabis in the U.K. or anywhere else. Cannabis is prohibited many (if not most) places around the world and it seems like a more effective approach would have been to argue against this over-riding prohibition rather than citing what occured in the USA 90 years ago.

  4. I don't agree with legalising cannabis, just my personal preference / opinion. But if you are arguing to legalise weed, why not cocaine? Both substances can be harvested naturally and both substances can be misused. I love a good ping, but at the end of the day, alcohol is far more dangerous than both of these substances.

  5. Great first debate, Both oponents gave a good accounting of themselfs. But i think on this occasion FTFE took the win, At lease for me, However i maybe slighlty bias towards legal, As a recreational user.

  6. @1:42:24 I would arguee against FTFE here, The advent of smart tech has resulted in less overall intelect. i.e. more flerfs than ever before ~ More smart phones than ever before. Cause and affect if you ask me. For instance in the 80's i bet you could remmember phone numbers, But how many do you remember now? None cause your so called smart phone does it for you.

  7. I am all for legalizing cannabis. I might even try making tea. I do not use cannabis, nor have ever used it. Legalizing it would cut funding from criminal organizations and provide a large increase is taxes.

    Bruce Lee died of cannabis, he was allergic and his brains swelled up after eating cannabis brownies.

    Cannabis does not suit everyone, it can cause paranoia and a psychosis. I honestly believe that it should be a prescription medicine.

  8. Well on that same vein, you would not give alchol to a helth person either, But you still have that choice, As an adult, All i want is the same choice with canibis. and i have no medcinal need. Just a desire to use. But i should get to chose without prosuction or persuction. But with it as an ilegal substance that is not permitted. So when it comes to canibis my goverment has decided i am not capible of deciding for myself and tha's my issue. If it was legal there would be law like no underage sales. like these is with booze. Use responbibaly.

  9. FTFE, Have you ever considered taking canibis oraily. It removes all lung damage from the hot smoke and most carsinogins. may also be an easyer way or regulating dose.

  10. Would be easyer to control dosage if we could get it from a doctor, However that is not allowed where it is still ilegal, SO in my opinion that is an agrument for leglisation. Then we can have proper medical application of the substance. ~Instead of the ilegal self medicating we have to do now(Have to as there are no legal alternatives).

  11. @37:44 Drink is legal, But DUI is still a crime, Soo how is the DUI on weed an argument against, I don't thnik that was a good argument. DUI is still a crime wither or not weed is legal. Defo a poor argument.

  12. Great warmup debate. One note that wasn't mentioned here that I expected FTFE to bring up – It's generally easier to acquire an illegal substance than it is to get a regulated one so that's a pretty good argument for legalization.

  13. My feelings on drugs in general can be described by quoting one of my favorite bands
    "All research and successful drug policies show That treatment should be increased And law enforcement decreased While abolishing mandatory minimum sentences"

  14. We was told not to smoke cannabis at school but many of us did. If they had said we shouldn’t smoke it, but if we was to try it, then don’t try it until we are at least 23 – 25 years old because it can effect the developing brain, then I think many of us would of listened. If it was legal then it would be regulated and better information would be available to people who would otherwise be afraid to ask

  15. this wasn’t a debate, it was a lets all agree with ftfe and blow weed smoke up his ass🤣 @ftfes head is so big now he can’t get it through the door of his lving room🤣👌🏼

  16. Alcohol is the most addictive.
    Kids thumbing their noses at parents if its legal? Really u liar. Weed is easily gotten anywhere regardless.
    Dude doesn't have a clue. I give my dog weed for her many issues. Recommended by the vets, more than one.

  17. I've smoked weed all my life and never used anything else. I drank when I was in the military on weekends but haven't had more than a 6 pack a yr for the past 20 yrs. Classic non user trying to act like he did use it. I hate fking liars.

  18. Weed is not addictive, you cant have physical withdrawals from Marijuana. Another bullshit artist who knows nothing about what he speaks of. I stopped smoking 5 yrs ago when Alaska legalize it. I only use it once in a while for sleep. Usually by eating it.

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