CBD Dosage Mg or Ml's | CBD Dosage Calculator | Hemp Oil Dosage

This short video explains the CBD measure in a dropper full of CBD hemp oil (or olive oil) to a 10ml bottle. When calculating the correct …


  1. After watching many videos, to find out how many mg. are recommended, I have found none. All that is covered here is dosage of amount, millimeters, number of drops ect. But tell me what the mg. dosage is recommended for me.
    I can tell that the CBD is working, and I've upped the miligrams, but how high should I go or what is the minimum, above which it's wasted?

  2. Why isnt cbd e liquid measured mg per ml? Like nicotine? Instead they measure it per bottle so 60ml bottle vs 100ml bottle etc is a different concentration. Lol very difficult to figure out how to measure out around 15mg out of a 300mg bottle. Every company seems to do this for some reason haha

  3. Be careful with this general information as not all droppers measure the same. My bottle allows for 50 drops so 1/2 of the dropper would be way to much for me.

  4. Well you explained everything you needed to from your description, and for the life of me, I can't understand why 4 people disliked your video, yet didn't bother commenting.
    Bloody cowards.
    Anyway, thanks for the video and your great accent, I'm sure I will see you in the next Outlander episode. 😀

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