1. After many failed experiments with some other brands, I finally found this brand. Weedborn products are the best and I don't think I would ever need to look for another CBD supplier. I highly recommend for practically any health problem.

  2. The research done is limited and does not benefit the consumers you are trying to help if you haven’t even done enough research to figure out what you need to look for in a CBD product. The Zilis company has gone above and beyond! http://www.Zilis.com/7151456
    They are FDA certified organic, Mayo Clinic backed studies, water soluble ( very important for your liver and absorption), 0.0%thc (so will not fail a drug test)! Do your own research people. I have truly witnessed the right product producing fast results with NO side effects.

  3. I was very skeptical and thought is was BS designed to legitimized marijuana, but CBD is legit. Topically it helped my lower back pain, and orally it helped with anxiety and insomnia. I felt good-normal, not high. Totally clear headed.

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