1. I’m so happy you are doing CBd reviews. I like this one. I have been suffering with aggressive DDD ( degenerative disc disease) in my neck, and it sucks. It’s ruining my joy on staying positive and trying to maintain that super mom mentality. I know I can’t no longer enjoy roller coasters or throw a damn ball without feeling the inflammation and pinched nerve in my neck which interferes with my upper body and hand movements since it goes weak . I work in healthcare for over 10 years and I’ve seen the aftermath of getting involved with narcotics. I quit smoking cigs 8 months ago. I’ve never enjoyed junk food and sucks that I can’t keep a strong neck from busting my ass to give my family a good life.
    …but I think in Iowa I need a doctors consent to enjoy cbd. So I’ve been doing research to see if it’s a fit for me and than go ahead and hopefully get started in the cbd goodness. 😀

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