1. Two thumbs up from me anything you can harvest , cultivate , forage from Mother Nature is got to be better than the toxic shit that’s man made even though a lot of medicine is plant based .

  2. It's magic stuff, If you get some in cream form it works on everything, Cuts, bruises, pain anything. It's kind of sad it's not available here as it could help alot of people

  3. G'day Clay,
    I've had long term back pain which I've gone to many lengths to try and improve, Including losing close to 70kgs in the end I even went the surgical way and had fusion of the L4/5 S1 joint and still no relief. I've been taking the Dr's opioids for years and no pain relief, eventually I got the shits and went the pot route finally some relief. I'm now in the process of getting on the legalised CBD program with a clinic in my local area but what a drawn-out process all for the use of a "Noxious Weed". The politicians here in Oz are a bunch of wankers

  4. haven't tried cbd oil but smoked a bit of weed always felt like i had a good sleep after smoking hate smoking though as i get asthma and it makes my lungs feel like shiit i mainly suffer from shoulder and back pain

  5. Is it cbd oil from hemp or cbd oil from the marijuana plant as in Canada we have the latter and the only time I feel like it has any anti inflammatory affect is when I smoke just cbd

  6. CBD Oil should be more available in Aussie too. Some people & politicians think only about the drug effect, of which there is none. Sometimes I have massive neck pain caused by osteoarthritis & bulging discs but at this stage I avoid anything stronger than Paracetamol & only if required for quick relief, otherwise I use Heathshop products recommended to help, which what I take seems ok.

  7. Ok i can understand what your saying mate, but when you get down to it, dope is a drug, ( illegal drug) in nz and it cant be sold commercially so the government can tax it, so so since they cant get there cut, its a no go, and yes after a lot of research, in depth research, yes it does actually damage the brain but theres also the problem with who would you allow to grow it commercially then you get drug dealers and gangs getting upset over it, my point of view is, its illegl against the law so keep away from it.

  8. Cannabis has been around for a long time way before any other medication you get off the shop shelf it is a natural plant natural ive Heard it help with cancer I’ve seen it help people with Tourette’s it helps with ADHD seizures and the list goes on I have not used it myself and would like to start in the New Year if anyone knows where to get the good cbd in Australia please reply to the comment smash the like button hit the subscribe check on a brother hope all brothers /sisters out there a doing well happy new year to all

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